Dr. Francois Pellay Chronoshield

Francois Pellay

CHRONOSHIELD is the result of years of research in European laboratories.

French Scientist Dr. Francois Pellay, PhD is a world-renowned expert in ageing and anti-ageing molecules. With an interdisciplinary background that includes biochemistry, organic chemistry, cell biology and bio-informatics, he has dedicated his career to the discovery of new protection mechanism. His research has led to the discovery of a protection mechanism that can slow down the ageing process and extend the life and health of animal models. This is the basis of the CHRONOSHIELD supplement.

Dr. Francois Pellay Chronoshield

Marin Bosotina

Marin Bosotina is a renowned health specialist with a background in pharmacy. He holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Chemistry and has completed post-graduate studies in anti-ageing medicine. He is also a successful businessman who has directed health companies and clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Croatia.  

Together they have launched the project CHRONOSHIELD— one of the world’s most advanced options in anti-ageing medicine.