Protecting your cells
to slow down aging

Anti ageing molecule


Chronoshield™ is a revolutionary supplement protecting the cells in the human body for the purpose of slowing down the aging process.

30 softgels
30 sofgels
Anti-aging molecule

Time Protectant

The science behind Chronoshield™ is based on the fundamental  principle that aging is due to the accumulation of damage to cells. Cells are the key to every process of your body, and over time they  get damaged and lose their functions. Chronoshield™ acts like a  shield to protect all cells and slow down the aging process within them.

Chronoshield™ is unique

This is the first supplement in the world that contains a unique combination of active molecules with a protective effect on all cells in the human body.

Registered in Belgium for European Union under the number NUT_PL_AS 4238/1