Besides direct cellular protection, Chronoshield™ has other positive effects: 

– Strong antioxidant ability that enhances anti-aging protection up to 4 times stronger than the main antioxidants such as alpha tocopherol. 

– Light-absorbing property, characteristic of carotenoids, that will give extra protection against UV.

Chronoshield™ is a protective supplement, so an early start of the treatment can be beneficial for everybody as the protection of younger organisms will yield better results. According to our first results, the recommended ages can be in the early 30s and, of course, can be safely used in older populations.

The first results will appear after the first month and optimal results after 3 months of regular intake of Chronoshield™ softgels.

You must know and listen to your body to appreciate the preserving and anti-aging effects of Chronoshield™. Because aging has different manifestations, each person will experience different benefits from our unique supplement. Some of the expected benefits include the following:
-Protection against the constant low inflammatory stress that increases with age, aka inflammaging, will lead to a decrease in joint and muscle pain.
-Memory and/or learning improvement, leading to an improved intellectual activity.
-Improved fitness performance, with improved exercise capabilities.
-Aesthetic improvements in hair, skin and body composition.
-Improved sleep quality. The main effect will be the conservation of the healthy functions of your body.

Ionizing radiation such as gamma ray or X-ray has been shown to induce a large amount of oxidative damage to DNA, lipids and proteins, including enzymes. Once oxidized, enzymes cannot fix damaged DNA or resynthesize lipids and proteins and cells will die. It was shown that several antioxidants and supplements, and in particular carotenoids have radioprotective properties. As such, the cell protection properties of Chronoshield make it potentially ideal to protect against radiation poisoning of any kind.

Take 1 softgel per day during a meal. Ideally not right before or after exercising. Every bottle contains the necessary protection for 30 days.
The research & development of Chronoshield™ include strict safety standards that are established in the safety studies performed in European laboratories. Chronoshield™ ingredients are obtained with the most environmentally friendly methods and have passed all safety tests.
The continuous and extended use of Chronoshield™ will efficiently protect the cells of the body. Aging advances every day, so it is strongly recommended to use it as a protective daily supplement. However, it is safe to stop at any time. After stopping the treatment, the beneficial effects will fade away.
It is well known that lifestyle can determine the outcome of your health and well-being. To be able to enhance the synergetic effects of Chronoshield™ formula, it is important to pay attention to the following key factors in our lives:

– Sleep, rest and recovery have been scientifically demonstrated to help repair our cells and improve metabolic functions.
– Exercise has to be an important daily activity, according to your health, age and interest. Leisurely but consistent light activities like walking, gardening, swimming, stretching, golf and moving around will also show excellent benefits.
– A balanced, individual nutrition is essential to maintain energy and good performance, along with a healthy body weight and all the elements our organs and metabolic pathways need.
– Fasting periods and low caloric intake have also been shown to improve our health and reset body functions that will increase the quality of our lives.
– The balance between plant and animal-based proteins .
– Stress reduction.
– Combined with exercise, a reliable sleep pattern will help in this task.

There are a variety of practices that can also be added to your lifestyle. A personalized and detailed supplementation plan should be made individually. A healthy lifestyle maintains our bodies, increasing the quality of our lives.
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